Great Ingredients, Great Taste!

As we started as and are still a bakery, we are keeping the ingredients the same as those used in your kitchen. This means you will not get commercial products thrown on your table. We are avoiding artificial preservatives and stabilizers; we do not use shortening or margarine in our kitchen and our ingredients do not contain trans-fat. When milk is required, we use only low-fat milk. When colors are needed, we only use products that are FDA approved and we do not import any products from markets that are not well monitored for safety. When you order your product, it is baked and prepared for you; hence you will get a fresh product that has the flavour you desire.


Although not small anymore, our business tries to keep the family atmosphere where we care not only about our company, our products, and our staff but also, we consider each "customer" as a member of this family. Our mission is to make people happy. Making delicious food, having relaxing chairs in a smoking-free environment, and keeping our prices reasonable are all different ways to achieve this goal.


We here at Bakers Cafe aim to bring to you the food that will satisfy your soul. Get lost in the embrace of our rich flavours and adventurous product ideas. We are here to give you the food you really want.